To be safe in the water for you and the environment

Through training and continued education we aim to deliver confidence, safety and knowledge enabling the diver to better understand the underwater environment.

Why Essex Scuba? Well, our mission really says it all. We put safety first, for you and the environment. We believe that good training breeds good divers. This is borne out by the number of former students who have gone on to become scuba instructors themselves.

By our clear and patient delivery of the skills we instil confidence and build an understanding of not only what to do and why you need to do it. This education becomes a journey into the deep, literally!

Our equipment is continually replenished so it is always modern and new. It looks good, feels good and works.

Our course fees are clearly structured and easy to understand with no hidden extras. We pride ourselves on our excellent record for quality and safety, something which we believe is an fundamental right for you as our student.

Join our dive club. For just £25 per year you get:

  • One free scuba review per year
  • Reduced pool sessions (£10 not £12)
  • Access to our exclusive meetings
  • First notification of our dive trips
  • 10% OFF future PADI dive courses from ourselves

We arrange dive trips in this country and abroad.

Essex Scuba - PADI Scuba Diving Training